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Moroccan Sahara 46 years after the Green March

The Green March This year on 6 November the Moroccans celebrated the 46th anniversary of the Green March, a national holiday and a historic episode that changed the destiny of a vast region. It was on the same day of 1975 when nearly 350,000 unarmed Moroccans marched under the leadership of the late King Hassan II into what was then known as the Spanish Sahara. In this peaceful protest, the marchers, brandishing only Moroccan flags, green banners, copies of the Quran and the monarch`s portraits, expressed their opposition to the Spanish colonization of the region and affirmed nationwide intent to integrate it into Morocco. Eventually, Rabat gained control over most of the former Spanish colony, which is now branded as the Moroccan Sahara. While the rally takes its name from... Read More




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