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Illusion of the OSCE or the South Caucasus in a new geopolitical matrix

I am not inclined to discuss the context of regional security in the dichotomy of the “OSCE versus 3 + 3” formats. This, in my opinion, is oversimplification. And not because the Minsk format on Karabakh has already virtually died, and the "3 + 3" formula is still amorphous and not concrete. The tangle of geopolitical interests of different players around the South Caucasus can turn out to be much more confusing.  The world is plunging into a new format of global confrontation, which a number of experts have dubbed the “new cold war”. Washington is determined to oppose Russian expansion. London recently outlined the struggle with Russia and consolidated its doctrine. But in the category of the "new cold war" - if we are talking about two global poles... Read More




Russian Trojan Horse Inside the EU: Nord Stream 2 as a destructive tool

From its inception, the Nord Stream 2 project has been controversial and divisive issue for the EU member states and the United States. The Nord Stream 2 is a natural gas pipeline designed to transport 55 billion cubic meters per year whose original announcement was briefly postponed after Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea and aggression in Eastern Ukraine; it was formally announced in mid-2015. Furthermore, the Gazprom-sponsored project is expected to double Nord Stream’s existing capacity, transporting Russian gas directly to Germany via the Baltic Sea. On the report of Nord Stream 2 AG, the overall costs of the project is 9.5 billion euros. Germany imported 35% of its gas from Russia, 34 percent from Norway, and 29 percent from the Netherlands in 2015. Proponents of the pipeline claim that... Read More