About Us

Who are we?

The Topchubashov Center was established in April 2018 as an independent, non-governmental non-profit think tank. It is dedicated to the analysis of international affairs, with a focus on the part of the world that is vital for the security and national interests of Azerbaijan- post-Soviet countries, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  Our team consists of young and dynamic professionals who have studied at the best universities in the world and share a truly global outlook. We also aim at establishing a permanent intake of interns whom we are eager to help in developing as professional analysts. At the same time, the Center manages Politicon, an online platform for young authors writing about politics and governance.

Our mission

The Topchubashov Center is a center of research and a discussion platform dedicated to the multifarious issues related to globalization, international and domestic politics, geopolitics, security, public policy and economy. In doing this, we will follow in the footsteps of big and renowned international strongholds of political research to establish our distinct voice and shape the discussion both in Azerbaijan and internationally. Our idea was born from the desire to be a focus point for big talks, for the issues that are yet to shape the world.

Recent years have shown that global affairs are becoming increasingly turbulent, and for a small country like Azerbaijan, it is a matter of vital importance to be able to react to these changes quickly and see far ahead. It requires a new way of looking at things to grasp the effects of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity matters, or hybrid wars. Eastern Europe and the Middle East which directly border South Caucasus, are among those parts of the world where tensions have been on the rise and new conflict patterns have emerged throughout the last decade. Of course, we will put attention to regional problems- the unresolved post-Soviet conflicts, energy security, and regional configuration of powers, but in no way limited to them. We want to make a difference by putting political decisions and processes into a wider context that inevitably includes economic, sociological, cultural and anthropological dimensions. 

What we want to do

The Topchubashov Center will undertake a multitude of work, which will be primarily focused on, but in no way limited to, analytical writing. Our team plans to expose the reader to the most daring and game-changing research undertaken by the global thought centers, create opportunities for the dissemination of our expertise and passion through public discussion and step into alternative formats, including debates, lectures, analytical and educational videos. With a target to become a regional center of excellence, we are keen to hear from everyone who has what to say and is eager to do that. We have an ambition of growing into a hub of research firmly present both in Azerbaijan and the wider region, which will attract a multitude of experts and students of different profiles.

Our principles and values

The Topchubashov Center is committed, above all, to objective and independent research and analysis. Whilst we are willing to promote the national interests of Azerbaijan, we believe that the best thing we can do is to show things the way they are, without ideological or any other preferences. The Center values quality and quantity and firmly aims at generating bespoke content without  trying to fill the timeline with daily news and reposts. 

Why Topchubashov?

To reflect our commitment to the values of progressive thinking, democracy and peace, we have named our Center after the great Azerbaijani politician, diplomat and thinker Alimardan bey Topchubashov (1865-1934), who was one of the pillars of the first democratic state in the Muslim Orient, serving as the Foreign Minister of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920) and representing his country at the Paris Peace Conference. As no one else, this outstanding man embodied the vision of a young nation open to the global world and eager to learn.

The peak of Mr. Topchubashov’s career happened in probably the most turbulent years of human history when empires were falling down, global order was being reinvented and new nations made their first steps. The time we live in is in some respects no less turbulent and rough, which requires proactive, dynamic thinking. Though the work of Topchubashov`s life was prematurely curbed by a greater and merciless force, the idea remained to flourish later as the independent Republic of Azerbaijan. 

We hope that our work will put a small contribution to spreading the word of the visionary man.

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