The Topchubashov Center is a young think tank with a vision to develop into one of the regional hubs of academic excellence. We welcome researchers eager to be published on the variety of issues of international politics, comparative politics and political economy. We publish full-length analytical articles, research notes, book reviews, short commentaries, and discussion roundtables. In general, the editorial board does not impose any censorship but it retains the right to edit the submitted texts. The working language of our center is English and we publish our articles exclusively in this language. Yet we accept texts written in Azerbaijani, Turkish or Russian while reserving the right to translate to the editorial board. We do not generally restrict our authors to submit the pieces published at our website, elsewhere however we strongly urge them to do so at least two weeks after submitting their articles to us. Main articles should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length but there is no restriction in general. If you would like to write for us, please keep in mind the points below. 

- All submissions should be accompanied by full contact information and a paragraph-length bio of the author. It is the authors’ responsibility to secure permission for copyrighted material.
- Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. We prefer Chicago (Author-Date) citation style.
- The editorial staff reserves the right to edit submitted pieces.
- In general, we do not pay authors for their contributions unless the parties agree for a certain form of remuneration beforehand.
- Reproduction of the material published in the journal is permitted if the source is acknowledged.
- The opinions and views expressed in the pieces published in the journal are solely those of authors.
- Please submit your article or pitch just once. Do not submit it more than once.
- We kindly request our authors to refer to the original on our website when republishing their pieces elsewhere.


We would like to delineate special submission requirements for book reviews. We prefer them shorter than general articles, between 800 and 1,500 words, depending on the depth of the book’s coverage. Since our website is mainly focused on covering pressing topics we would like to ask you to limit your choice of books with those written after the year of 2000. Earlier books are either too famous to need a review or are just not very interesting for a general reader any more. Please kindly indicate the full information regarding the book’s author, edition and a number of pages since it is essential for a professional book review.

You can send your contributions to any of the team members.

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