Turan Gafarli


Turan Gafarli is an Assistant Researcher at TRT World Research Centre. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Politics from Queen Mary University of London and a Master of Arts in Transnational Studies from University College London where he submitted the thesis Nation-State in the Age of Globalization: Turkey’s Contemporary Path 1996-2016.

Turan worked as a researcher for Lord German, Treasurer of the Liberal Democrat Party, in the House of Lords whilst also interning at the Turkic Council, the Council of Europe and the United Nations Office in Geneva.

His research interests include Eurasia and Transcaucasia, Turkic World, globalization and the nation state debate. He also contributed to the book entitled Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom – 100 Years of Partnership (2019). Turan is also a member of Chatham House Royal Institute of International Affairs.

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