Vusal Guliyev


Dr. Vusal Guliyev is a Policy Expert at the Topchubashov Center and an Associate Research Fellow at the China Studies Center of Khazar University. He holds a Master’s degree in China Studies and a Ph.D. in International Politics from Shanghai International Studies University. His portfolio also includes long-term Visiting Research Fellowships from the Asia-Pacific Research Center of Ankara University, Davis Center of Harvard University, and Asian Studies Center of Bo─čaziçi University, respectively. While pursuing his postgraduate studies, he also attended the international workshop series at Kyushu University in Japan and interned at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Besides being a contributing author to numerous scholarly books, he regularly writes analytical articles for local and international media outlets and think tanks in various languages such as Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, and Chinese. His current areas of research include the development of Trans-Caspian routes (Middle Corridor), the geoeconomic implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the digitalization of the transit routes, and the comparative studies of digital development and governance policies in Azerbaijan and across the globe.

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