The Political Marketing Guide

Book Reviews | | 13-02-2018, 15:14

The Political Marketing GuideA new publication of 2018, “The Political Marketing Guide” by Samer El Hajjar is definitely a marketing guide for politicians; yet it is also a must read for marketing professionals, advertisers and enthusiasts. 

The book has practical advice on how to market political movements and to take advantage of social media. Marketing tips are quite useful, for both political parties and individual politicians. 

The author covers a number of interesting topics, including “Tips for a better political marketing strategy,” “The political marketing mistakes” and “The future of political marketing.” 

Samer El Hajjar has a way of coming off very helpful and conveys each marketing tip in a very simple manner, thus making it easy to understand concepts with a lot of examples and cases. The author was able to come across all of the political marketing details in each chapter. The book contains a lot of informative knowledge on political marketing (literature and application).

Moreover, the writing, as well as the overall tone is quite good and helps smooth read.

This book is also recommended to any author whoever takes self-publishing seriously and includes political marketing in their works.