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Evaluation of women rights in the framework of Islamic legal systems. Country case: Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Essays | Ilaha Zeynalli, Rashad Alakbarov | 6-11-2017, 13:10

Evaluation of women rights in the framework of Islamic legal systems. Country case: Saudi Arabia and EgyptThe role of women in socio-political life in the Middle East and North Africa has been limited by law over the long years. However, when the popular uprisings began in MENA region, the role of women in non-traditional ways of political participation such as revolts, uprisings raised questions regarding women rights and gender equality, as well as women’s role in socio-political life of MENA countries. Since then several important changes have been implemented concerning women rights especially in the context of family law, women’s right to education, as well as participation in public sphere.

The current paper provides an overview of situation regarding women rights in Muslim countries, focusing on mainly Saudi Arabia and Egypt, starting with comparison of legal systems of these Muslim countries, evaluating the role of political regimes in women rights protection, emphasizing essential obstacles that females face in social, as well as political sphere. The study mainly focuses on personal status law and inheritance law of abovementioned countries where equality between men and women is violated the most. It refers to various rights of women including entering marriage, right to divorce, right to travel and education, and political participation. Although the study does not draw complete picture of the situation in all Muslim countries regarding women rights, it sheds light on some factors creating obstacles for the development of females in that societies. The aim of this study is to examine the status of women in Saudi Arabia and Egypt and evaluate how recent political events in MENA region have affected development of women rights in these two regional states. 


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