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The impact of national identity on nation branding strategy of Kazakhstan

Essays | Regsana Kerimova | 14-05-2017, 15:40

The impact of national identity on nation branding strategy of KazakhstanIt is hard to deny that the contemporary world is mainly driven by the global market forces that in turn dictate certain rules and even impose certain kind of behavior on the states in the international system. “The creation and promotion of nations’ images serve as a new form of communication among countries, marketing to the needs of the globalized economy and international politics”. Indeed, the so-called neo-liberal theory claims the preponderance of global markets over the public sphere and accordingly, globalization induces countries to put forth significant efforts to compete for wealth and prosperity, which are often determined by the strength of their nation-brands. Indeed, this looks very much similar to the companies’ applying various, often costly marketing techniques and campaigns to enhance the value of the brand of their product to ensure the viability of their business in the highly competitive global market. The current international system is no less competitive, and therefore requires states to constantly compete in order to ensure prosperity, economic and social welfare.


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