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Topchubashov Essay Competition 2018

Events | | 2-07-2018, 01:40

Dear readers and friends of the Topchubashov Center!

We are glad to announce our first essay competition dedicated to the centennial of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. We want to spread our values of incisive research and high standards of knowledge; in this regard, we are now looking forward to your contributions to get a new, fresh perspective and hope to bring the brightest minds among you in our network of researchers and authors. 

For the competition our team has prepared the following topics:

• How will China's One Belt One Road project shape the politics of South Caucasus and Eastern Europe?

• What factor is the most significant in the total destabilisation of the Middle East- internal struggles or foreign influence?

• Is organized religion, as a factor of global politics, on retreat or on rise? 

• Which strategic orientation should Azerbaijan`s foreign policy take? 

• What did the failure of independence referenda (Iraqi Kurdistan, Catalonia) signify for global politics?

The contest is open for all people with a working command of written English for Azerbaijani and/or Azerbaijan-based individuals. The Topchubashov Center will award the three best papers with the following sums: 300 AZN for the best essay, 200 AZN for the second place and 100 AZN for the third place. The 3 best essays, as well as some others which fit our requirements are to be published at the Topchubashov Center webpage. Please note that our editors reserve the right of editing for the pieces that are selected for publication.

Papers must be in English and should not exceed the 3,000-word limit. The writing should be double-spaced and in Times New Roman font. Please send your papers together with CVs to the following emails:

The deadline for your contribution(s) is 1 September 2018

We wish you all best of luck!


UPDATE: Given the big interest in the competition, the deadline for submission is extended till 1 October 2018.