CfP: Karl Marx and Rosa Luxemburg: Thought Legacy and Contemporary Value

Events | | 29-03-2018, 07:35

The Thirteenth Forum of the World Association for Political Economy

July 16-18, 2018, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany


Proposed Topics:

1. The Thought of Karl Marx and Its Contemporary Value 

2. The Thought of Rosa Luxemburg and Its Contemporary Value

3. The Communist Manifesto and the World Socialist Movement 

4. World System Theories: Core, Periphery, and Quasi-core 

5. The Basic Contradiction of Capitalism and Various Forms of Economic Crisis  

6. Unbalanced Development of the World Economy and New Features of Contemporary Capitalism 

7. Fair Economic Globalization and Narrow Anti-globalization

8. International Cooperation and Sharing Development in the “Belt and Road” Initiative

9. To Construct a New International Economic, Political and Military Order and a Community of Shared Future for Humankind

10. Lenin’s Theory of Imperialism, Contemporary Neo-imperialism and Neo-colonism

11. The New Trends in Neoliberalism and Its Negative Effects on the World Economy and People’s Livelihood  

12. Studies of Schools of Marxist Political Economy in Different Countries and in the World

13. Other Related Topics of Political Economy


How to apply to attend the thirteenth WAPE Forum:

Please send a paper abstract of 500 words together with your full curriculum vitae in English to Once your abstract is accepted, please pay your registration fee upon receiving an email for payment. When your payment is confirmed, you will receive an official invitation. Please submit your full paper so that it can be considered for publication in our journals. You also have the option to apply to attend the forum without a paper. Both individual papers and complete panels on the theme and proposed topics are welcome. You can find more information about past WAPE forums at


Important dates:

Deadline for abstract: April 30, 2018;

Notice of acceptance: May 15, 2018; 

Deadline for full paper: June 30, 2018. 

All accepted papers will be considered for publication in World Review of Political Economy (ESCI) and International Critical Thought (ESCI). 


Registration fee:

US$180 for online payment before May 31, 2018; 

US$220 for online payment after May 31, 2018 or on-site payment.


Official Languages: English and German



1. On-site registration on July 16-18, 2018. 

2. WAPE Council meeting/WRPE editorial meeting on July 16 morning, 2018.

3. Official program on July 16 afternoon through July 18, 2018.


You can also download pdf file for more information: WAPE-2018-Forum-Call-for-Papers-2018.pdf [ b] (Downloads: 2)