Social Dimension: EU-Russian Relations and Baltic Regional Security

Events | | 28-02-2018, 11:05

Level: BA / MA

Credits: 4 ECTS

Application deadline: 13 May, 2018


Week I in Tartu - EU-Russian Relations 15-21 July

Week II in Pärnu - Baltic Regional Security  22-28 July

The program will introduce the challenges and achievements of Estonian social, economic and political reforms and their past, present and future impacts on local as well as on international scale. Students will learn of state-of-the-art achievements generated by quick and efficient transformation from state-controlled economic system into free market economy. Matters of foreign policies of the countries of the Baltic Sea region and the ever-changing EU-Russian relations illustrate the complexity of Estonian political and social transformation.

Each week the lectures will be held from Monday to Friday. In the afternoons there will  study trips to different institutions, foundations, NGOs and enterprises.

There is also a cultural  and social programme in every city to introduce Estonian society, culture and history in a wider perspective. The students visit different museums and attend guided city walking tours.

Two weeks prior to the start of the programme all participants will be forwarded readings which they need to work through by the start of the programme. This contains both referrals to materials available online and/or copies of materials as an attachment. The programme will be supervised by Professor Andrey Makarychev who has the responsibility of assessing the performance of each student and giving the final grade. 

Assessment is based on the accomplishment of the study goals of the programme: knowledge of the subject matter on the basis of readings, active participation in the class and group work, quality of the essay which needs to be sent in by e-mail at least within two weeks after the end of the programme. 

Upon successful completion the participants will receive the Certificate of Completion and an Academic Transcript of the University of Tartu.


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