Evaluation of Brain Drain in South Caucasus: Reality or imminent threat?

Essays | | 24-08-2018, 23:45

Evaluation of Brain Drain in South Caucasus: Reality or imminent threat?Although a number of surveys and studies about migration in the South Caucasus have been conducted, empirical researches about brain drain from the region is limited, especially after 2015, which is a breakpoint for regional states due to the falling oil prices and slowdown of Russian economy. In this regard, the aim of this study is to discuss the brain drain in the region, analyse the stimulating factors for human capital outflow from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia separately. Moreover, this study argues that currently the brain drain over the professional groups vary in South Caucasian states. For instance, if political scientists, economists and IT specialists are more likely to emigrate in Azerbaijan, it is more about architects, construction specialists and engineers in Armenia, professionals in the health sciences, education, construction, and agriculture sectors in Georgia. In addition, there are some unwritten guidelines in the labour market of South Caucasian states, such as connection, which is an “old and gold” rule of the recruitment process. 

The hypothesis and the research questions of this study are the followings:

H1: After 2015, there is a convenient environment for brain drain in the region, and if in the case of Georgia, the major concern for Georgian educated people is economic difficulties, in the case of Azerbaijan and Armenia, the determinant factor for deciding to migrate is not only the economic matters, but also the social-psychological, as well as at some point the political matters take a role. 

RQ: Is there a positive correlation between the educational levels and intends to emigrate in South Caucasian states?


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