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Essays | | 2-08-2018, 22:45

Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the deepening relationship between Russian and Turkey showed itself in the first agreement designed to enhance their economic ties. The agreement was signed on March 15, 1977 and mainly embraced cooperation in the promotion of industrial development and energy affairs. Meanwhile, the parties also inked an agreement concerning scientific and technical collaboration.

Energy had been a significant issue amid the negotiations processes between Russia and Turkey since that time. Although the relations between the countries have been strained many times due to different geopolitical issues, two parties have always seen each other more than pure economic partners. In February 1986, according to an Intergovernmental Agreement traced back to September 18, 1984, a contract was signed with Turkey’s BOTAŞ for delivering roughly 6 Bcm of gas per year for over 25 years between the period of 1987 and 2011.


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